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Debunking Common Dental Implant Myths

July 24, 2020

Although dental implants in Lake Worth are the next best thing to real teeth, many people still have the wrong idea about this tooth-replacement option. To make sure that you get your facts straight about dental implants, check out the most notorious myths.

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The Most Common Dental Implant Myths Debunked!

MYTH 1: Dental Implants are Only for Older People

False! Dental implants can be used as a tooth replacement solution for people who have fully-developed jawbones. In most cases, the jawbone’s full development is completed when people are in their 20s.

MYTH 2: Dental Implants Look Fake

Contrary to what you may have initially thought, dental implants are designed to look like your natural teeth. Because they can be customized according to your unique needs, what’s more, they’re made of materials that copy your natural teeth’s light-reflecting properties and luster. People won’t know that you’ve had any dental work done unless you tell them.

MYTH 3: Dental Implants Won’t Allow Me to Eat What I Want

Although this is true during the first few days after you get the implants, once your dentist confirms that the surgical area has already healed, you can enjoy eating pretty much all of your favorite foods!

MYTH 4: Dental Implants are Extremely Expensive

Dental implants may not be as expensive as you thought they would be, depending on your dental benefits. Think about them as a good investment that’s created to last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance.

MYTH 5: Dental Implants Need Special Maintenance

Dental implants don’t need special care. These dental solutions only need the same care as your natural teeth. All you have to do is brush them at least twice a day, floss daily, and make regular visits to your dentist. 

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Find Out if You’re a Good Candidate for Dental Implants in Lake Worth!

The only way to know is to visit an experienced dentist who’s dedicated to restoring your smile. Make an appointment with Dr. Miguel Ferrer, DDS, PA now!

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