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Is Root Canal Therapy Safe for Children?

November 14, 2022

Dentists will always do whatever they can to not extract your teeth, as even the best replacements are no match for a real pearly white. However, many people believe that children’s teeth are not worth saving because they are not permanent, and this fact couldn’t be further from the truth. Dental professionals explain why tooth-restoring procedures, such as root canal therapy in Lake Worth, are essential for your kids’ oral health and how to help them get ready for their dentist appointment. 

Little girl root canal therapy lake worth

Can Children Get Root Canal Therapy?

Root canal therapy is a complex yet game-changing procedure in which a dentist cleans the infected pulp of a tooth to rid it of any infection. Since dental problems haunt children and adult mouths alike, dentist use this procedure to save any tooth that crosses their paths. Extracting your child’s tooth fall too early can affect the position in which neighboring permanent teeth erupt. Decay can also spread to other teeth, causing future severe dental problems. 

Tooth canal therapy is safe for children, and in many cases, it’s necessary to keep current and future teeth safe. You can get your child ready for root canal therapy by following some tips. 

How to Prepare Your Kids for Root Canal Therapy

Be Honest

Kids appreciate honesty more than you think. Tell them about their root canal therapy appointment at least a week in advance, and be ready to answer any questions before the procedure. Use visual aids if necessary. 

Pick a Good Time of The Day 

Aside from letting them know, take your children to the dentist in the morning after they’ve had a good night’s sleep. They won’t have to feel nervous throughout the day too! 

Offer Rewards 

Think of a prize your kid might want and tell them they can get it once they’ve completely healed after the procedure. Avoid sweet treats when the root canal therapy is over since this might affect the results. 

Little boy root canal therapy lake worth

Do Your Children Need Root Canal Therapy in Lake Worth? 

Dr. Miguel Ferrer, DDS, can give your kids the root canal therapy they might need, so book an appointment today! 

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