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Warning Signs You Need a Root Canal

July 23, 2020

Trying to figure out if you need a root canal is a lot like when you’re trying to find out if you need a filling. It can be difficult for an average person to tell the difference between a problem that requires dental work or just better oral hygiene habits. Only a seasoned dentist in Lake Worth can determine the best solution. If you’re curious to know about the signs that indicate the need for a root canal, check this out.

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Ways to Know if You Need a Root Canal

Tooth Sensitivity

Do you experience tooth pain each time you consume hot or cold foods or drinks? If you do, it probably starts as a dull ache before it progresses into an intensely sharp pain. Tooth sensitivity is one of the hallmark signs of an infected tooth that would need to be treated by a root canal procedure.

Chipped or Cracked Tooth

Some of the common causes of chipped or broken teeth include a contact sports injury, a dental work that’s gone bad, and eating hard kinds of food. A cracked or chipped tooth may expose the nerves that are underneath the tooth’s surface. This exposure could lead to an infection in the tooth’s root that would require a root canal to avoid pain and the systemic spread of infection.

Swollen Gums

Do you have painful and swollen gums? Perhaps you have a raised bump on them. If the condition of your gums doesn’t improve, your dentist may recommend a root canal therapy.

Deep Tooth Decay

Did you know that once decay has already managed to penetrate the tooth’s base, no amount of brushing or flossing can solve the issue? This usually happens if the patient neglects a cavity for far too long and the decay has spread down into the tooth’s root and nerve.

where is the best lake worth dentist?

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