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Tips for Preparing for a Tooth Extraction Procedure

February 21, 2021

Having a tooth extraction isn’t really something anyone will look forward to. However, if your dental health care provider specializes in Lake Worth family dentistry, you can expect them to provide you with the information you need to prepare for the procedure – no matter what age you are. In the meantime, you’ll want to check out the following tips to ensure your tooth extraction procedure goes smoothly.

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Must-Have Tips to Help You Prepare for a Tooth Extraction Procedure

Talk to Your Dentist About Your Pre-existing Conditions

If you have pre-existing conditions that include diabetes, hypertension, congenital health disease, or adrenal disease, you’ll have to tell your dentist about them before you schedule your appointment. These conditions may potentially become a health risk or may affect anesthesia. Additionally, your dentist has to know if you’re recovering from a cold or if you smoke cigarettes so that they can plan your tooth extraction procedure accordingly.

Know the Risks

Impacted wisdom teeth usually require a minor surgical procedure. For this reason, you have to take certain risks into account including swelling, bleeding, or nausea. Your dentist will instruct you to have blankets, cold compress, cotton swabs, and medication ready.

Make Some Arrangements

Due to the effects of the anesthesia that may be used in some tooth extractions, you won’t be legally allowed to drive yourself home after your appointment. You’ll want to have a family member or a friend give you a ride home or you may call a ride-share service or a cab.

Lake Worth Family Dentistry

Looking for an Expert in Lake Worth Family Dentistry?

In some cases, extractions are the best solution to a specific dental issue. Dr. Miguel Ferrer, DDS, PA is an expert at creating beautiful and healthy smiles that his patients will be proud of. Request your appointment today!

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