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4 Interesting Ways Your Toothbrush Communicates with You

September 14, 2021

Besides regular flossing and visits to a trusted Lake Worth family dentistry practice, your toothbrush is your primary weapon in the war against tooth decay. However, did you know that your bristled friend can also tell you a lot about your brushing habits and dental health? We’ve pulled together some of the things your toothbrush may be trying to tell you.

family brushing their teeth together as advised by Lake Worth family dentistry

4 Ways Your Toothbrush Is Telling You Something

  1. Its Bristles are Frayed

To achieve the best oral hygiene, your toothbrush bristles should be stiff and straight. If they look old and frayed, your toothbrush is trying to tell you that you need to replace them. The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends replacing your toothbrush every three months.

  1. Its Bristles are Worn Down After a Few Weeks

Bristles that tend to bend in different directions and look worn down after a few weeks of use could mean that you’re brushing too hard. Besides causing your toothbrush to break down faster than it should, vigorous brushing can also irritate your gums. Be sure to brush in slow circles on different quadrants of your teeth for at least two minutes and to use back and forth motions to brush your tongue. 

  1. Its Bristles are Strangely Colored After You Brush

If you see a strange color on the bristles of your toothbrush right after brushing, this could mean that you should cut back on sugar and drink more water. In most cases, sugary candies can stain the surfaces of the teeth because of their artificial colors and dyes. By consuming less sugar and increasing your water intake, you reduce your risk of getting tooth decay and cavities. 

  1. Its Bristles are Damp or Stinky

You may not be storing your toothbrush properly if its bristles smell bad or are still damp from your previous brush. Keep in mind that a moist environment is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. It’s best to replace your toothbrush right away and avoid placing a toothbrush cap or any plastic over your toothbrush bristles.

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