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4 Ways Cosmetic Dentistry Actually Improves Your Oral Health

January 21, 2023

Your primary thoughts while considering cosmetic dentistry in Lake Worth, FL, are strategies to enhance your smile and increase your self-confidence. A fresh grin achieves that, but there are several advantages that go beyond appearances. For young people, cosmetic dentistry can have a number of positive health effects. Let’s look at a few procedures that can help you. 

A girl showing a tooth color palette frequently used in procedures related to cosmetic dentistry in Lake Worth, Fl

Preventing Gum Disease 

Gum disease affects you more if your teeth are overcrowded or if you bite poorly. Cleaning in between teeth is impossible when they are too close. A buildup of germs in your mouth leads to gingivitis, but orthodontics can straighten up your teeth, preventing these diseases. 

Preventing Tooth Decay 

A tooth is more likely to shatter if it has a significant cavity that consumes a lot of the tooth. A dental crown can preserve a tooth and stop bone resorption. The crowns of today are the same shade and shape as your regular teeth. 

Stronger Jaw Bones 

Missing teeth are frequently replaced with dental implants. Even though it’s a routine cosmetic dental operation, its effects extend beyond your smile. The jawbone can be strengthened by implants as well. A titanium post is inserted into the jawbone to take the place of a missing tooth’s root. The jawbone is more stable as a result of this stimulation of the jawbone and prevention of bone loss. 

Inconsistent Bites and Health Problems 

A misaligned bite can cause headaches and jaw pain. Teeth may deteriorate more quickly if the bite is improper. The wearing down gets worse over time but splints can correct the issue. Dental bonding can be utilized to make the patient’s teeth look straighter and your smile more vibrant. You’ll feel better and your eating process will improve. 

Male patient during a procedure of cosmetic dentistry in Lake Worth, Fl

Do You Need Cosmetic Dentistry in Lake Worth, FL? 

As you can see, cosmetic dentistry is not just to improve the superficial appearance but also provides many benefits to help your overall health. Call us now at Miguel Ferrer DDS to set up a visit! 

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