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Don’t Do These Things If You Have a Toothache!

May 1, 2024

When dental pain strikes, it’s natural to want instant relief, even if it means resorting to some unconventional methods. However, before you reach for that makeshift remedy or DIY solution, pause for a moment. 

What you do while you wait for your emergency dentist in Lake Worth, FL, can either ease your discomfort or exacerbate the issue. Here’s why you should tread carefully and avoid certain actions when grappling with a toothache. 

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Avoid These Mistakes When Dealing with a Toothache

Ignoring the Pain

Ignoring a toothache in hopes that it will disappear on its own is a grave mistake. Dental issues rarely resolve themselves and typically worsen over time, leading to more significant problems and increased discomfort.

Over-the-Counter Painkillers

While over-the-counter painkillers may provide temporary relief, relying solely on them without addressing the underlying cause can be detrimental. They mask the pain without treating the root issue, potentially allowing the condition to progress unnoticed.

Applying Heat or Cold

While applying heat or cold packs may seem like a quick fix, they can intensify the pain, especially if the toothache is due to an infection. Heat can exacerbate swelling, while cold can increase sensitivity, making the situation more unbearable. 

Using Aspirin Directly on the Tooth

Placing aspirin directly on the affected tooth may seem like a home remedy, but it can lead to chemical burns on the gums and other soft tissues, causing further discomfort and complications.

Delaying Professional Help

Perhaps the gravest mistake is delaying professional dental care. Dentists are trained to diagnose and treat a wide range of dental issues, and seeking timely treatment can prevent the escalation of the problem and alleviate your suffering.

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Need an Emergency Dentist in Lake Worth, FL?

If you’re experiencing a toothache or any dental emergency, don’t wait! Miguel Ferrer offers prompt and professional emergency dentistry services to provide the relief you need. Contact us now to schedule an appointment and take the first step toward pain-free, healthy teeth. 

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