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Ways to Treat a Cracked Tooth

July 4, 2022

Perhaps you felt a sudden and sharp pain on the side of your mouth while chewing your favorite food. The next thing you know, that part of your mouth is sensitive to hot or cold foods and sticky or sweet treats. You visit an emergency dentist in Lake Worth, FL, and find out you’re dealing with a cracked tooth. We’ve compiled the possible ways your dental care provider treats this problem. 

Emergency Dentist in Lake Worth FL cracked teeth

Treatment Options for a Cracked Tooth

Dental Bonding

After your diagnosis, your dentist may recommend dental bonding to treat your cracked tooth. This procedure involves using a sticky organic glue-like substance called plastic resin to fill the crack and restore the tooth’s appearance and function. 

Dental Crown

A dental crown is a prosthetic device typically made of metal, porcelain, and ceramic. The dentist uses an anesthetic to numb the mouth and prepare the tooth for the crown. Moreover, they’ll shave off some of the tooth’s enamel so the crown will fit once they place it over it.  

Next, they’ll use a mold or a digital scan to make an impression of your prepared tooth. This impression will be sent to a dental lab where the permanent crown is made. Meanwhile, the dentist places a temporary crown over the treated tooth. After a few days, they’ll remove the temporary crown and replace it with the permanent crown that matches the color and look of the rest of the patient’s teeth. 

Root Canal

If the crack has caused damage to the cracked tooth’s pulp, your dentist may recommend a root canal procedure. They’ll remove the damaged or infected tooth pulp and disinfect the area before filling the tooth with gutta-percha to restore its function and prevent further damage.  


Tooth extraction may be necessary if the injury to the tooth’s structure, nerves, and roots is too extensive. In such cases, extraction may be the only way to protect the rest of your teeth from damage. 

Emergency Dentist in Lake Worth FL cracked teeth

Do You Need to See an Emergency Dentist in Lake Worth, FL?

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