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What Are the Major Parts of a Tooth?

July 16, 2021

Thanks to your teeth, you can confidently flash your winning smile anytime, anywhere. However, did you know that each tooth is made up of different parts that have their own unique functions? You can always ask a dentist in Lake Worth, FL, about the major parts of a tooth and their roles to keep your smile healthy 

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The Major Parts of a Tooth


When you’re thinking of a tooth, you’re thinking of its visible, white portion called the crown.  


The enamel refers to the hard calcified tissue located on the surface of each tooth. It’s responsible for protecting the dentin underneath it from acid and plaque.  

Since the enamel has no living cells to protect itself from damage, it requires good oral care to maintain its strength. This means that without thorough brushing and flossing, the food particles, acids, and bacteria that accumulate on the enamel won’t be fully removed. 


The sensitive layer of living tissue underneath the enamel is called the dentin. It works to communicate with the nerves found inside your tooth. When the dentin is showing through your enamel, your teeth will appear darker and become sensitive to heat and cold. 


The hard connective tissue that covers the roots of the tooth is called the cementum. Its job is to anchor the fibers of your periodontal ligament that supports the tooth. Essentially, the cementum holds your teeth in place and prevents you from losing them prematurely. 


Located at the center of each tooth is the non-calcified tissue called the pulp. Since it houses the nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue, it provides nourishment to the tooth.  

Dentist in Lake Worth FL

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