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Signs You Need to See a Dentist

October 10, 2022

Loved by some and feared by others, seeing a dentist in Lake Worth is a requirement to keep your oral health in check. Patients must visit a dental professional once every six months for a cleaning and a general examination. However, they should also be on the lookout for problems that signal it’s time for another appointment, such as tooth pain, gum swelling, and increased sensitivity. 

Patient and dentist in lake worth, FL

When Do I Need to Visit My Dentist?

Teeth Pain

If you experience unbearable pain after chewing on food or being in an accident, chances are there is an underlying dental problem that a trained dentist has to check. Trauma can fracture your teeth and expose the root and nerve to harmful bacteria, making you scream in agony. 

Accumulated and infectious bacteria can also lead to an abscessed tooth, which can cause tooth pain and be a reason to head straight to your dentist’s office. 

Gum Swelling

Gum swelling can be another indication you need help from a dentist. Dental professionals list brushing with a hard-bristle brush or neglecting your oral health for a while as some of the reasons why gums recede, swell, and bleed. This condition exposes your teeth to dangerous bacteria that can lead to severe health issues, so getting an emergency check-up, in this case, is vital. 

Increased Sensitivity

Many patients usually complain about their teeth becoming more sensitive, and though this problem is not that severe, it should still be a cause for concern. If your teeth react to hot and cold foods for a long time after eating, it means the deeper layers of your teeth are exposed. Since this is an early symptom of tooth decay and gum disease, you better visit your dentist. 

Patient and dentist in lake worth, FL

Looking for a Qualified Dentist in Lake Worth, FL? 

Tooth pain, gum swelling, and increased sensitivity can signal that severe dental problems are lurking in the shadows, so visit Dr. Miguel Ferrer, DDS, to restore your oral health and have a new smile. 

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