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Six Common Dental Problems in Children

September 9, 2022

If you´re looking for a dentist to trust, you will find the support you are looking for with Lake Worth family dentistry. We believe that establishing healthy habits early on will help prevent oral health problems in the future.

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Why Visit a Family Dentistry?

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) states that children should visit a dentist before turning one (or after the emergence of the first primary tooth). Biannual preventive dentist visits are essential for excellent oral health. Here, we explain some reasons why parents should take children to the dentist:  

  1. To ask about recent or ongoing problems.  
  1. To learn how to start a “no tears” dental hygiene program at home.  
  1. To learn how to apply at-home prevention methods for oral injuries.  
  1. To determine if the child is likely to acquire caries (cavities).  
  1. To discuss stopping bad dental habits (e.g., finger-sucking, etc.).  
  1. To obtain preventative healthcare (fluorides and sealants).  
  1. To get updates on the development and growth of the child’s teeth and jaws.  

Most Common Dental Problems in Children

Kid´s teeth are still developing and are more at risk for developing issues. If they´re untreated, dental problems can lead to poor oral health and misaligned teeth.  

  • Tooth Decay: Cavities are the most common dental problems in children.  
  • Bad Breath: We can all suffer from bad breath, but if your child’s bad breath continues throughout the day, it is most likely a deeper issue.   
  • Sensitive Teeth: When your child experiences discomfort from hot or cold foods or air, they might have sensitive teeth. 
  • Thumb Sucking: Thumb sucking is safe for babies and toddlers, but after five, it can impair a child’s oral development.  
  • Gum Disease: Children can also suffer from gum disease or gingivitis. Poor dental hygiene can cause inflammation of the gums and, eventually, bone loss.  

Parents must help their kids practice good oral hygiene. Children must also avoid consuming excessive amounts of candy, fruit juices, soda, cookies, and other sugary foods. 

lake worth family dentistry with patient


Are You Looking for Lake Worth Family Dentistry?

Most children’s frequent dental issues can be avoided with regular dental care and diligent brushing and flossing. Make the appointment for you and your family now! 

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