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Why is Dental Implant Surgery Nothing to Be Nervous About?

April 12, 2021

More and more people believe that dental implants in Greenacres are the best solution for replacing any number of missing teeth. However, since these biocompatible titanium posts are screwed into your jawbone via a surgical procedure, you may be thinking twice about getting them. We’re here to tell you that dental implant surgery is nothing that you should be nervous about.

smile Dental Implants Greenacres

Top Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Feel Nervous About Going Through a Dental Implant Surgery

The Surgical Procedure is Precisely Planned

Since your dentist maps out all of the placement details ahead of time, you can expect your implant surgery to be precisely planned. If your case is nothing short of complex, CT imaging or X-rays may be used to determine each implant’s exact location. These images will provide your dentist with an accurate surgical guide as incisions are made and small channels are created to hold the implants in place.

This Can Be Performed With Local Anesthesia

Anyone who’s healthy enough for a tooth extraction shouldn’t have any issues undergoing dental implant surgery. Your dentist will only need to use a local anesthetic to numb the implant site and its surrounding tissues before starting the procedure.

However, if you suffer from dental anxiety, your dentist may recommend the use of anti-anxiety medication or a sedative before proceeding.

The Implant Sites Heal Fast

Your dentist’s pre-planned surgical guide and their use of advanced implantation techniques ensure minimal tissue disruption. Additionally, self-absorbing sutures are used for stitching incised tissues. For these reasons, implant sites heal quickly with about a 97% success rate.

dentist Dental Implants Greenacres

Are You Considering Dental Implants in Greenacres?

Dr. Miguel Ferrer, DDS strongly believes that your smile deserves a second chance. With more than two decades of experience on his side, Dr. Ferrer focuses on dental implant restoration and family dentistry. Contact his office today to schedule your consultation!

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